Fuck Yeah The Pacific Northwest

The Pacific Northwest is the most amazing Pacific Northwest in the world. There's more to life in the PNW than rain, coffee, and grunge music. Here are a few of those things.
Although, those things aren't half bad either.

My name is Robert. I am handcrafted in the Pacific Northwest & I am grandiose. I’m left handed & I wouldn’t have it any other way. I have a penchant for the sea and the forest, pea coats, autumn, anachronisms, using ampersands whenever possible, oxford commas, diverse lexicons, & the Pacific Northwest. I’m a fan of great music, great people, and great experiences. Also, I really like documentaries and cuddling.

Feel free to send submissions or suggestions to thepacificnorthwesttumblr@gmail.com

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I love this stuff. It gives me goosebumps. I wanted to be a volcanologist so bad when I was a kid. Watch this video. It doesn’t even do it justice. The shear magnitude and destruction of this eruption was astronomical.

There’s a lot of videos on youtube and I didn’t want to spam the page, but you guys should watch some of them.

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